Sledding Hill

*Big Sev* at Hitch-Wayne Park!

This has been a hidden gem sledding hill for many years; staff is investing several man-hours into grooming the hill to be more conducive and safe for sledding! The entrance to the sledding hill will be Vine St/7th St. Brainerd MN. Click here for exact location.

This local amenity is 100% weather dependent and will be only available if we receive snowfall. We do not plan to "make snow" for this sledding hill nor groom on a daily basis.

We are happy to announce there are some local initiatives to have free access to loaner sleds via a "Sled Garage" at this sledding hill location. More details TBA

Questions? 218-828-2320

Please help us keep this park safe; report any suspicious behavior to the local police

Sledding Fun