Walkable Bikeable City Committee

Regular Meetings

  • When:  6:00 pm.  4th Monday of every month
  • Where:  City Hall Conference Room


  • Mary Aegerter
  • Ellie Burkett
  • George Fruth
  • Laura Rathe
  • Kenn Shepard
  • Alderman Michael O'Day (Council Liaison)


Ad Hoc Committee, Approved by Council




Bicycle Safety is a Two-Way Street
  • Be patient when passing a bicyclist – slow down and pass only when it’s safe. Allow clearance of at least three feet
  • Be on the lookout – watch for and yield to bicyclists before making a turn.
  • Stay alert and avoid distracted driving – put away mobile devices, food and makeup.
  • Follow the law – obey all traffic signs and signals. Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • See and be seen – wear bright colors, reflective gear and use head and tail lights
  • Communicate your intent – look, yield to traffic and signal before turning or changing lanes.
Complete Streets Policy

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Public Forum Presentation
Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Map

City Trail Map

Bike Trails

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