Pavilion Rental

To reserve a pavilion Click here and select facility rentals or contact the Parks Department at 218-828-2320. We begin taking reservations in January for the calendar year. Rental fees are subject to 7.875% sales tax unless tax exemption documentation (MN Dept. of Revenue form ST-3 or ST-17) is provided.

Park Facility Reservation Application form should be completed for special event requests or exceptions to the following provisions, and can be submitted electronically to

No glass containers are allowed in city parks. Amplified entertainment equipment is prohibited. Small canopies up to 12' X 12' are allowed; large tent canopies are NOT. The sale and/or consumption of liquor/strong beer is prohibited. An application to serve 3.2 keg beer may be completed with the Parks and Recreation office as required by City Ordinance #851.

Lum Park Pavilion 1

A large wooden pavilion.

Lum Park Pavilion 2

A large red wooden pavilion.

Kiwanis Park Pavilion 1

A stone pavilion with a red roof.

Kiwanis Park Pavilion 2

A red wooden pavilion with picnic tables inside.

Buffalo Hills / Lions Park Pavilion

A brick pavilion with a red roof.

Gregory Park Center Court Area

A sidewalk leading to a round stone courtyard.

Jaycees Park Pavilion

A red wooden pavilion with a grey roof.

Rotary Riverside Park Pavilion

Rotary Park Pavilion