City Statistics & Information

Basic Information

  • Area
    • City: 8.4 sq mi (21.9 km2)
    • Land: 8.0 sq mi (20.6 km2)
    • Water: 0.5 sq mi (1.2 km2) 5.57%
  • Elevation: 1,217 ft (371 m)
  • Population (2020): 14,395
  • Zip Code: 56401
  • Area Code: 218

City Facts

  • The city was organized on March 6, 1873.
  • Brainerd is located on the historic Mississippi River and lies 1,226 feet above sea level.
  • Brainerd is the largest city located in Crow Wing County.
  • Brainerd has a current population of 14,395 citizens (2020 census).
  • Brainerd has had 40 mayors since the town was established and is governed by a home rule charter.
  • Brainerd has a strong Council / weak mayor form of government. It is headed by a City Administrator and supported by a variety of department heads and supervisors.
  • Brainerd is in a geographical area, home to 492 lakes and 61 miles of the Mississippi River.
  • Brainerd history has been recorded in a book entitled, “Brainerd,” by Carl Zapffe.
  • If you traveled through the center of the Earth from Brainerd, you would emerge in the Indian Ocean, a little east of the New Amsterdam and St. Paul islands.
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