Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport Commission

Regular Meetings

  • When: 9:30 am  1st Thursday of every month
  • Where:  Airport Conference Room


  • Kevin Yeager (City Appointee) - term expires 12/31/2024
  • Glen Nygard (City Appointee) - term expires 12/31/2025
  • Council Member Kevin Stunek (Brainerd City Council Liaison)
  • Trudi Amundson (County Appointee)
  • Don Jacobson (County Appointee)
  • Paul Koering (Crow Wing County Board Liaison)


Recommended by Council President, Approved by Council


The Airport Commission controls, operates, and manages the jointly owned City/County airport operations. It establishes policy in order to ensure that quality aviation related services are provided to the Brainerd Lakes regional area.

Committee Membership

The Commission is comprised of six members. Three members are appointed by the City, one of which must be a City Councilperson. Three members are appointed by the County, one of which must be a County Commissioner.

Qualifications to Serve

  • Be a resident of the City of Brainerd or have an ownership interest in a business or other property within the City of Brainerd.
  • Citizens interested in aviation and airport operations.
  • Business, tourism, and/or aviation background may be helpful.

Length of Term

Lay members appointed for three-year terms. City Council and County Board representatives are appointed annually.



More Information

View the airport's website.