Community Service Officers (CSO)

The Community Service Officer (CSO) provides a variety of support services to the department, including errands and inter-office mail deliveries. They relieve sworn personnel of certain duties which can be performed by non-licensed employees, such as:
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Recovering Abandoned Property
  • Traffic control at special events, parades, and accidents
  • Maintenance of police vehicles and equipment as assigned
  • Assisting with the annual police auction
  • Patrolling city parks, schools, and neighborhoods
  • Animal control (when Animal Control Services is unavailable)
  • Ordinance Violations (Nuisance Complaints)
  • Assisting McGruff the Crime Dog at community presentations, special events, parades, visits to the local schools, and tours of our facility
Community Service Officers with the Brainerd Police Department are typically students attending a law enforcement program with the intent to become a licensed police officer.