Ageless Wonders Softball

Some equipment for this league is supplied, but players should have their own gloves. For more information, contact Gary Bodie at 218-821-1758. The following is an overview of the League:

  • Season: May 30th - September
  • Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Time: 8:30- 10:30 a.m.
  • Cost: Donations are Welcomed                        ($5 Drop In Fee or $20 for Summer)
  • Location: Memorial Park Field 2
  • Ages: 55 and Over


For information regarding cancellations, visit our Cancellations Page.


"I am writing this to tell the story of how the "Ageless Wonders" softball program started, since there are few people, if any, still around from the original group. ( If this email ended up in the wrong place, please forward to someone that would appreciate it.)

In the late 1980s my parents, Andy and Marie Kne, retired and moved to Brainerd, on North Long Lake. My Dad was always very active and was looking for a softball team to play with and found out about the group of "old guys" in town that played pick up games. I think they played volleyball, too. I was proud of how my Dad kept active and never seemed or looked his age and one day I came across the "Behold the Ageless Wonder" hat and bought it for him thinking it was the perfect description of him. He wore it to softball and guys liked it and next thing you know they all had hats  with the new "Ageless Wonders" logo! He used to bring his little granddaughter to softball and she became the designated baserunner for some of guys that could hit, but not run so well. At the end of the season all the guys signed her glove and she was so proud of it. 

My Dad played until he had to have a pacemaker put in that limited his range of movement. No problem, he was declared Coach and continued to attend to keep things in order! He died in 2005 and I claimed his hats with pride. I was so happy to run across online that the program was still called "Ageless Wonders" and I thank you for that."



Dan Kne