Thursday September 28, 2023

Updated at 12:45 PM 

No cancellations

The Parks and Recreation Department is located on the 2nd floor of City Hall and our mailing address is 501 Laurel Street, Brainerd MN 56401. You can reach us at 218-828-2320. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This page will be updated during regular business hours.

Weekend / After Hours Cancellations

On weekends and after hours, please check the proper Facebook group/page for updates. A list of sport-related resources are listed below.

Adult Kickball Facebook Group

Adult Softball Facebook Group

Adult/Youth Pond Hockey Facebook Group

General News/Updates - Brainerd Parks and Recreation Facebook Page 

Feel free to message Brainerd Parks and Recreation on Facebook Messenger

You can also e-mail the Recreation Coordinator at

Cancellations for evening activities are usually made BEFORE 4 p.m. If inclement weather develops after 4 p.m. we will do our best to update the respective Facebook group of the cancellation/postponement. Most cancellations after 4 p.m. are at the discretion of the umpire/official due to unplayable fields or unsafe conditions. 

During the warming house ice skating/pond hockey season we reserve the right to close the warming houses early at 7 p.m. if we receive no participants from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. 

Weather Policy

High Temperatures: 
 During Brainerd Parks and Recreation facilitated programs and events a heat cancellation will go into effect if the projected heat index (actual temperature + humidity calculation) reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher at the start of the program. A heat cancellation will be announced to participants by the program coordinator no later than 1 hour in advance of an activity. If water fountains are not available at outdoor facilities during extremely hot temperatures, the program coordinator will inform participants to bring water or have water available in bottle form for participants. Program participants have the option to not participate in any activity for safety reasons. 
 Upon the first sighting of lightning all in attendance at an outdoor activity should immediately go to their cars or enter a storm shelter building. Lightning can strike up to 6 miles away from the base of the thunderstorm. No one will be allowed to resume play until 10 minutes after the last sighting of lightning. All Brainerd Parks and Recreation staff, volunteers, and participants must follow this policy. 
Cold Temperatures:
 During extreme cold weather, outdoor activities are not recommended. Warming houses will be closed and Pond Hockey programs will be cancelled when the air temperature is -10 or lower, OR when the wind chill is -25 or lower.  For the protection of your children, please keep them home on those days. Warming houses may be closed and Pond Hockey may be cancelled due to rinks covered in snow.