Parks Scavenger Hunt

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Brainerd Parks and Recreation Presents:

Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series

Welcome one and all to the Brainerd 2020 Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series. We know that with everything going on, it has been harder than ever to get outside and explore everything that this fine world has for us. The Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department now has something that it can offer to the community and we hope that it provides some fun-filled entertainment for all who may decide to participate.

The Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series is a series of riddle like puzzles that were created that will lead you to a specific object/structure within or around the Brainerd Park System. Each riddle will lead you to one particular park and then you will have to solve the final clue to find the landmark to complete that set. If you think you have found the item, then take a photo striking some awesome posses and send them to the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department either by email or by tag @BrainderdParksandRecreation on Facebook.

  1. You can use anything at your disposal for locating the parks (i.e. using google maps, apps, regular maps, etc...)
  2. You may do this solo, in duos, or in groups. Make it a family outing, a hangout with your friend, or have it be a solo adventure to test your problem-solving skills
  3. Be creative with your final photo but make sure it is appropriate. Maybe you want to make it magazine-worthy or it can just be an awesome selfie
  4. Before the next set of clues are released, we will post a photo of the correct park and the correct item that you were aiming to find to give closure to that particular set.

Set One: Riddle #1

I am to the South, away from the rest

But I could very well be the very best

Named after an animal that was abundant in mass number

But now they are by far outnumbered

Being here there are a couple of options

So can you come up with some unique concoctions

Come on down to play some ball

For this summer does not have to keep you as its thrall

Maybe playing ball is not up your specific alley

So why not just come on down and dillydally

The item that you are hunting for holds the answers to what is always asked for

As people are always asking for the updated score

It is not something too hard to miss

And it gives players or fans a chance to reminisce

Set One: Riddle #2

Welcome to the park that offers so much

It was created with a very special touch

Come on down to play the Sport of Kings

Or try your hand with Streetball of all things

Just thinking of something to do on a whim

Maybe bring the kids to come play on the jungle gym

Sittin between some Juniper and Holly

This is the place where you won’t make any folly

Whether you are living in your golden years or just starting your youth

This park offers it all and that is the truth

Now don’t be fooled by the obvious attraction

As that is but a mere distraction

There is one that is just as photo worthy

Others may even say that it will be praiseworthy

This structure could be very well known

But just in case, look for the arc that is made of stone