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Grass Volleyball

It's a way for us to be out in the sun enjoying nature while working on our volleyball skills for indoor volleyball in the fall. Grass is a great compromise between sand and indoor. You get the spring off the ground like you would the court, but you get to be outside and soak up the great Minnesota air. 

We aren't making this up, people LOVE grass volleyball!
Grass Volleyball Craze!
Entry level volleyball program for ages 8-10.  This volleyball camp will meet for one hour twice a week. Camp t-shirt will be included. 

Who Can Play

Boys and girls, ages 8-10; age as of June 6. There can be a maximum of 16 players (minimum of 6). 


The Grass Volleyball program is from June 6 - July 25 (the last day is a water fun day). There will not be any make up sessions for inclement weather. Sessions will take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m.


Bane Park , Pony Baseball Outfield. 


The registration deadline is May 18, 2018. The registration cost is $57 before the deadline, and $67 after the deadline. 
For more information contact the Park Office at 218-828-2320.

Instructor: Katie Kaufman

(Recreation Specialist, City of Brainerd), who has over 13 years of experience: 4 years Division III Collegiate (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), 4 years AAA High School (Maple Grove, MN), and has assistant coached several years of club and high school volleyball. Katie continues to play volleyball as much as possible; this sport is her passion! 


For information regarding rain-outs or other cancellations, visit our Cancellations Page.