Mid-Summer Classic

19th Annual Pony League Mid-Summer Classic

The 19th annual Pony League Mid-Summer Classic will take place at 6:15 p.m. on Monday, July 5, at Bane Park.


American League National League
Will Sunde Red Sox Asher Pearl Yankees
Jack Schafer Red Sox Cole Larkin Yankees
Noah Rushmeyer Red Sox Eli Engelmeyer Yankees
Jackson Scheinost Red Sox Owen Kubesh Yankees
Payton Whirley Red Sox Reice Pikula Yankees
Kody True Blue Jays  Carter Soens Mets
Alex Helmin Blue Jays Cody Czech Mets
Gavin Schwen Blue Jays Jorden Oehrlein Mets
Trent Soderman Blue Jays Alex Scott Mets
Erik Hansen Blue Jays Izayah Schultz Mets
Zach Capistrant Mets
 Coaches Coaches
Troy Rushmeyer Red Sox Mark Pearl Yankees
 John Schafer Red Sox  Steve Larkin Yankees


The Pony League players and coaches, along with Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department, would like to take this opportunity to thank our area sponsors that support and promote Pony League baseball. Please let the area sponsors know that their support is very much appreciated:
  • Ernie's on Gull
  • Gull Lake Glass
  • McDonald's
  • Mills Auto Group