Mid-Summer Classic

61th Annual Bronco League Mid-Summer Classic

The 61th Annual Bronco League Mid-Summer Classic will be held on July 5, 2016, at 5:45p.m. at Bane Park.

American League National League
 Christopher Tix Royals  Wyatt Herron Rockies
 Eli Engelmeyer Royals  Jack Scheinhost Rockies
 Tyler Roth Royals  Cody True Rockies
 Evan Lichtsin Royals  Robbie Orsburn Rockies
 Logan Peterson Reds  Ethan Mangelsdorf Rockies
 Caden Jager Reds  Jack Schafer Twins
 Reece Haberman Reds  Owen Kubesh Twins
 Landon Mertens Reds  Luke Kowalke Twins
 Noah Rushmeyer Tigers  Dustin Hines Twins
 Alex Helmin Tigers  Brendon Englund Twins
 Cody Czech Tigers  
 Ryan Crenna Tigers    
 Brant Larkin Tigers    
 Mark Malinowski
 CJ Ulness


The Bronco League players and coaches, along with Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department, would like to take this opportunity to thank our area sponsors that support and promote Bronco League baseball. Please let the area sponsors know that their support is very much appreciated:
  • Alexander Electric
  • Bremer Banks
  • Ladies Auxiliary VFW 1647
  • Mid-MN Federal Credit Union
  • WW Thompson Concrete