Junior Police Program

The Junior Police Program, an outgrowth of community policing, transforms the traditional role of the police officer into one of mentor and friend, while encouraging our young citizens to be partners, not adversaries, in building safer schools and communities. The Brainerd Police Department implemented the Junior Police Program in 1989. The Junior Police Program curriculum used by the Brainerd Police Department was revamped in 2007.


The Junior Police Program is geared toward 3rd graders, educating them on topics such as stranger/danger, the proper use of 911, and the use of seatbelts and booster seats. The children also learn about the general duties of a police officer.

Through the course of the program, the officers educate the students on equipment used by the officers, such as their duty belt equipment and the practical application of the LIDAR - handheld radar gun. The students also have a tour of a fully marked squad car and an undercover vehicle.

At the completion of the program, all students receive a Junior Police badge, tattoos, and additional educational material.