Prevention & Education

  1. Child Passenger Safety

    Did you know that over 85% of children are not appropriately secured when traveling in a motor vehicle?

  2. Citizen Police Academy

    The Citizen Police Academy is a 6-week program designed to give the participant a basic knowledge of how your police department operates.

  3. Crime Statistics & Maps

    Access crime data for the City of Brainerd.

  4. Drug Prevention

  5. Operation Identification

    Operation Identification (Operation ID) is a citizen’s burglary prevention program for use in homes and businesses.

  6. Predatory Offenders

    Find links to search for predatory offender information.

  7. Shooting Threats

    Law enforcement officers in uniform en masse must take to the podium and tell the public they can save lives by recognizing a neighbor, friend, fellow student, client, patient, customer, employee, or relative that might have turned a dangerous corner.

  8. Safety Tips

    Find and read safety tips on a variety of topics.

  9. Teaching Children 911

    Use these tips when teaching your children the proper way to use 911 for reporting emergencies.