Construction Projects - 2022 Season

Improvement 21-10 - Greenwood Street Reconstruction

The City is planning for the construction of Greenwood Street from Woodland Hills Lane to S 6th Street (Highway 371B) in the 2022 construction season along with the Minnesota Department of Transportation construction project on S 6th Street.

Planned Construction

  • Blacktop surfacing and aggregate shouldering on the existing gravel road.
  • A re-alignment of Greenwood Street at S 6th Street (Highway 371B) to come in perpendicular to the highway for sight line visibility.

Construction Timeline

Construction is planned to begin sometime in June and be finished sometime in August.

Traffic and Access

Access may be limited at times while grading operations are taking place.  Temporary closures may occur.  Street access may be local access only at times.

East River Road Improvements (along with Mississippi Landing Trailhead Park)

  • The City will be reconstructing a small portion of East River Road across from the High School Football Field as part of the construction at the Mississippi Landing Trailhead project.

Planned Construction

  • Diagonal parking near the park.
  • Pedestrian curb bump outs at street crossings 

S 6th Street Reconstruction (MnDOT Project) - Joseph Street to Greenwood Street

MnDOT is reconstructing S 6th Street from Joseph Street to Greenwood Street in 2022.  For more information about this project, visit MnDOT's project website here:

Improvement 19-02 - Cuyuna Lakes State Trail Connection

The City will be constructing a portion of the connection of the future Cuyuna Lakes State Trail from 28th Street SE to the beginning of the Buffalo Hills Trail near the intersection of Norwood Street and S 11th Street.

The City was awarded $1,100,000 for construction of this segment from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Planned Construction

The construction segment in 2022 will be from the eastern edge of the NP Center property to the connection at the Buffalo Hills Trail.

The City has a $2,000,000 bonding request in to the State Legislature to construct the rest of the connection from the eastern edge of the NP Center property to 28th Street across the large wetland complex north of Oak Street.

S 5th Street Reconfiguration - Oak Street to Quince Street

As part of the ISD 181 referendum plans, the City has been working with the school district on the reconfiguration of S 5th Street between Oak Street and Quince Street.  This construction will commence and be completed in the 2022 construction season, along with other school district project on adjacent properties near the High School.

Planned Construction

  • Median placed from Oak Street to Quince Street.
  • Mill and overlay of existing surfacing.
  • Lane reconfigurations to assist with traffic flow in front of the School and adjacent parking areas.

Traffic and Access

Access will be limited on the street from May to June.  The roadway is anticipated to be closed from June to August to perform the construction work.  Signed detour routes will be available for through traffic.

2022 Street Maintenance Projects

Improvement 22-01 Seal Coat - Select Streets 

  • College Drive - CSAH 48 to Quince Street
  • 4th Street South - College Drive to S 6th Street (Highway 371B)
  • 10th Street SE - Willow Street to 850 feet south of Brook Street
  • Brook Street - 8th Street South to 13th Street SE
  • 10th Avenue NE - Washington Street (Highway 210) to J Street NE
  • H Street - Mill Avenue (CSAH 3) to 13th Avenue NE

Planned Construction

  • Seals street surface with a layers of oil and rock
  • Restores street aesthetic

Improvement 22-02 Crack Sealing - Select Streets 

  • Seals street cracks to reduce water intrusion into street

Improvement 22-03 Street Patching - Select Streets

  • Large patches in streets with localized areas of potholing and cracking when the street is not identified for resurfacing or reconstruction in the City 5-Year Street Capital Improvement Plan

Improvement 22-04 Street Striping - Select Streets

  • The City works with Crow Wing County to hire a contractor to re-stripe all the streets in Brainerd with fresh paint every two years.  Street Department staff re-paint all crosswalks yearly.