Construction Projects - 2021 Season

Improvement 19-01 - NW 4th Street (Riverside Drive) Reconstruction Project

Reconstruction of NW 4th Street from Washington Street to Jackson Street with inclusion of a roundabout at the intersection of Jackson Street and NW 4th Street, a median to prevent traffic crossing conflicts at the intersection of James Street and NW 4th Street, and a 10-foot separated pedestrian trail on the east side of the roadway.

Benefits of the Proposed Construction

  • Improved safety to motorists and pedestrians utilizing the corridor
  • New street surface
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Reduced conflict intersections at the intersections of James Street and Jackson Street
  • Split phasing signal eliminated at the intersection of Washington Street, which will in turn reduce delay times on Washington Street and NW 4th Street.
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Improvements 20-05 and 20-06 - Madison Street Reconstruction and SE Brainerd Reconstruction Project

  • Madison Street - 10th Street SE to 13th Street SE in the Brainerd Industrial Park
  • Rosewood Street - Spur Line Trail to 11th Street SE
  • Portland Avenue - Spur Line Trail to Dead End East of 13th Street SE
  • Chicago Avenue - 11th Street SE to Dead End East of 13th Street SE
  • St. Louis Avenue - 11th Street SE to Dead End East of 13th Street SE
  • Quince Street - 15th Street SE to 16th Street SE
  • 15th Street SE - Oak Street to Portland Avenue
  • 16th Street SE - Oak Street to Quince Street
  • Walnut Street - Oak Street to Breilly Court
  • Pine Street - Walnut Street to Beech Street

Benefits of the Proposed Construction

  • New and improved driving surfaces
  • New curb and gutter and storm sewer to promote better street drainage
  • On-street parking maintained
  • Standard street width of 35-feet to promote slower residential speeds.  44-foot wide street on Madison Street for larger commercial traffic.
  • Gaps in current sidewalk network filled to promote walkability/bikeability on 15th Street SE and 16th Street SE to connect to Harrison Elementary School.

The following projects are always part of the City's street maintenance program and are performed yearly:

2021 Street Maintenance Projects

Improvement 21-01 Seal Coat - Select Streets 

  • Seals street surface with a layers of oil and rock
  • Restores street aesthetic

Improvement 21-02 Crack Sealing - Select Streets 

  • Seals street cracks to reduce water intrusion into street

Improvement 21-03 Street Patching - Select Streets

  • Large patches in streets with localized areas of potholing and cracking when the street is not identified for resurfacing or reconstruction in the City 5-Year Street Capital Improvement Plan

Improvement 21-04 Street Striping - Select Streets

  • The City works with Crow Wing County to hire a contractor to re-stripe all the streets in Brainerd with fresh paint every two years.  Street Department staff re-paint all crosswalks yearly.