Construction Projects - 2016 Season

Airport Utility Extension - Improvement 14-15

Project limits are generally along the State Highway 210 corridor between East Street and the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport, and along the East Street corridor from TH 210 to the Evergreen Interceptor west of 1st Avenue Northeast.

Project elements include the construction of new water and sanitary trunk lines along State Highway 210, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the existing trunk sanitary sewer system under E Street between the north-south interceptor west of 1st Avenue Northeast to the 8th Avenue Northeast/Mill Avenue intersection area, and the construction of a water booster station and multiple sanitary lift stations in Lum Park and along the State Highway 210 corridor to operate the system under design flows.

Construction is anticipated to start at the end of March or beginning of May and continue through the summer/fall.
You can see more about the Airport Utility Extension Project by visiting Short Elliot Hendrickson's (SEH) website at  Here, you can find monthly project update memos, a project map, and the original Basis of Design Report.

CSAH 45 Mill/Overlay, ADA Improvements, Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Repair/Replacement, Maple Street Reconstruction - Improvement 14-08

The Crow Wing County Highway Department is planning a rehabilitation project for CSAH 45 (13th Street) in the summer of 2016.

The project entails rehabilitating the existing pavement with mixture of techniques. These techniques include milling, tight-blade leveling, and overlaying. The bituminous surfacing will be from CR 117 (Thiesse Road) to Trunk Highway 210 (Washington Street). Additional improvements will include coordination with BNSF shop site drainage and updated approach to the railroad crossing.

In conjunction with Crow Wing County's work, the City of Brainerd has improvements including sanitary sewer replacements, storm sewer repairs, curb replacement, and American Disabilities Act (ADA) updates to existing sidewalks. All public road "Right of Way" will remain unchanged and construction limits will reside inside those confines on 13th Street Southeast. The City of Brainerd is also resurfacing Maple Street from 13th Street Southeast to 14th Street Southeast and reconstructing Maple Street from 12th Street Southeast to 13th Street Southeast. This work is being done to replace all existing gravity sanitary sewer and storm sewer and to eliminate the force main that runs from 12th Street Southeast to 14th Street Southeast underneath the surfacing. Curb and gutter will be added to the portion of Maple Street from 12th Street Southeast to 13th Street Southeast.

All existing mailbox supports on CSAH 45 will be upgraded to "Swing Away Type," snow plow and crash test approved, at no cost to the property owner. Detours will be needed to complete this work. The detours will be for the road closures from Willow Street to Oak Street and from Oak Street to TH 210. The detours will be in effect at different times.
This project is substantially complete and is open to traffic.  Some minor finishing work will be completed in the next few weeks.  Please be aware of construction traffic when travelling through this area.

Seal Coat - Improvement 16-03

Various streets in the City will be seal coated this summer over approximately a 2 week period. Streets planned for sealing this year include Warrior Avenue, Wild Avenue, Rice Court, Boom Court, Vikings Street, Wolves Street, Northtown Street, Twins Street, Old Court Way, Westridge Circle, Clearview Lane, Sugarberry Creek, Serene Pines Court, Dal-Mar Drive, Charles Street, NW 6th Street, NW 2nd Street, and Tyrol Drive.
This project was completed on June 2nd, 2016 and is open to traffic.

​Alley Block 46 Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project - Improvement 16-06

The sanitary sewer will be replaced and extended in the alley that serves the buildings along Washington Street from N 4th Street to N 6th Street between Washington Street and Kingwood Street.  The work consists of replacing the existing sanitary sewer in place at this location and extending a new sewer main from the center of the block to the east.  5 private utility services will be re-directed from the Washington Street sanitary main to the newly constructed alley sanitary main.  The work being done at this location is being done to abandon the 2 block sanitary sewer main that exists in Washington Street from N 4th Street to N 6th Street and in preparation for the S 6th Street (Business 371) reconstruction project.  The project was bid and bids were opened on August 19th, 2016.  Completion Date for the project is November 11th, 2016.

Miscellaneous Projects

2016 Street Striping - Improvement 16-02

College Drive within the City of Brainerd will be restriped. The City contracts with Crow Wing County to provide striping as a way to save costs. Funding is from city taxes.

This project is complete and is open to traffic.

2016 Street Patching - Improvement 16-04

In addition to street patching done by City crews, a contractor is hired to do larger patches isolated poor pavement areas to extend the life of the road before the road needs complete resurfacing. Funding is from city taxes.

This project will be starting around the first week of August 2016.  

2016 Crack Sealing - Improvement 16-05

Various streets in the City will be crack sealed this summer over an approximate 2 week period. This work is done to preserve the life of the pavement. The work is done by a contractor. Funding is from city taxes.
This project is complete and all streets are open to traffic.