Information Sheets

  1. Clearance Over Streets, Sidewalks & Alleys (PDF)

    View and download the Clearance Over Streets, Sidewalks and Alleys information sheet.

  2. Load Limits Map (PDF)

    See the Load Limits Map.

  3. Permit Fee Information (PDF)

    View and download permit fee information.

  4. Roundabouts

    A modern roundabout is a circular intersection with design features that promote safe and efficient traffic flow.

  5. Sewer & Water Availability Charges

    Find fees and worksheets for sewer and water availability charges.

  6. Sewer Backups

    The City Sewer Department and Brainerd Public Utilities are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the collection system infrastructure and the sanitary lift stations to ensure uninterrupted collection of wastewater.

  7. Snow Emergencies

    A snow emergency is declared in the City of Brainerd whenever there is a snow fall accumulation of four or more inches of snow.

  8. Street Assessment Policy & Procedures (PDF)

    View and download street assessment policies and procedures.